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> Dire consequences of...

Think something bad and God will make it happen.

We had to cut your nails as a baby or you'd grow up to be a thief.

If you pick dandelions, you'll wet your bed.

If you pull your finger in church, you'll fart.

Don't point at a grave; your finger will rot.

Sleeping on your tummy will make you flat-chested.

Don't enter a new house through the back door or you'll fall.

You want triplets? Eat a tomato on your wedding day.

She sucked her thumb so much it got all sucked away and disappeared.

Always sleep with your head pointing north or you'll sleep poorly.

Don't talk when you eat or a fly will zoom inside.

If you're not in bed by eight P.m., wee Willie Winkle will come and take you away.

Cracking your knuckles will make them bigger.

If you swallow bubble gum, the next time you pass gas you'll blow a bubble.

Don't dream too big or you'll be disappointed.

Shut off the lights or you'll blow the fuses.

Play with matches and you'll burn the house down.

If you whistle that loud, you'll make yourself deaf.

If you run in a storm, you'll make a path for lightning to strike.

A dog's breath will melt your bones.

Pepper makes your fever rise.

Never say good-bye to someone standing on a bridge or you'll never see them again.

Touch those red, green, or blue buttons on our Sony TV and you'll ruin the color of the picture. (They were nothing more
than a logo.)

Never open on umbrella indoors or bad things will happen.

Stars are really angels, and if you point you might poke their eyes.

Of course, there are some terrors for which there is no solutionand a vague sense of anxiety is the order of the day.



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