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> Untruths, lies and misleading statements about school

Writing (math, algebra, French, Latin, chemistry) is easy.

Winners never quit.

Homework is fun.

You could have done better if you tried.

Boys are better in math.

You need to work.

Girls like home ec.

Physics is fun.

You'll like it more in a single-sex school.

Kids look better in uniforms.

Your teacher asked me to give you additional practice.

You can't graduate without knowing your multiplication tables cold.

Geometry comes in handy later in life.

The best part about biology is dissecting the frog.

That should only take you half an hour to do.

Everyone memorizes poetry.

You can't graduate from third grade without knowing cursive writing.

Shakespeare's plays are as easy to understand today as they were when they were written.

I didn't help you that much with your term paper. It was really your work.

You're going to fail science.

Homework is good.

Tell them you have cramps and they'll let you out of gym.

Your teacher called.



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