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> Mothers cures for all known ills...

Warm olive oil worn under a cotton glove will fight arthritis.

Sneeze three times and it means you're better.

Garlic can restore your appetite.

Tomatoes will make you want to do it (have sex).

Oysters are an aphrodisiac.

Wearing soiled pajamas to bed will cure bed wetting.

If a bee buzzes, freeze and it won't sting.

This dose of cod liver oil will fight any cold that comes along.

Eating burnt toast clears up acne.

Soak your face in milk every night and you'll have a youthful complexion.

Wearing earrings improves your eyesight.

Apply lemon juice regularly and your freckles will fade away.

Pouring rum on your hair makes it go curly. So does squeezing grapes into your hair and eating your veggies.

Avoid alcohol, sex, and candy and you'll live a long time.

Soak your feet in hot mustard oil and you earrache will disappear.

If someone pulls your ear, you'll remember your school lessons.

Tie a string around your finger, and you'll remember your homework.

Carry a safety pin in your purse and you'll be safe.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Burnt toast makes teeth white.

Throw salt on a stove to help tears dry more quickly.



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