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A - Z of Lies
About Your Body
Classic Lies
What We Tell Kids
White Lies
Your Mother

> Untruths, lies and white lies about your body & appearance

Your bellybutton is where the angels poked you to see if you were done.

An "innie" means you're sweet and smart; an "outie" means you're creative and outgoing.

Dimples are from sleeping on a stick.

Very bright people have big ear lobes.

Your eyes are the windows of your soul.

Your freckles are God's kisses.

You have two left feet.

Going barefoot makes your feet big.

Loafers spread your feet.

If you eat your vegetables you'll have curly hair.

This is my natural color.

Short people have more fun.

Good things come in small packages.

Boys like short girls.

Those aren't moles; they're beauty marks.

You have birthmarks because someone threw black pepper on me when I was pregnant.

Only tramps wear nail polish.

You can tell a person's character if he bites his nails.

The total number of white specks on your finger indicates the number of lies you've told.

The tip of your nose is especially tasty.



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