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> Untruths, lies and misleading statements about dogs

Your dad is allergic to dogs.

We can't get a dog because mom is afraid of them.

Scratch your dog where it can't scratch itself, and it will never run away from home.

Shoopo will protect us.

If you feed Duke your food, you'll have to eat his.

To get that dog to stop howling, turn your shoes upside down.

If you take your dog out when the wind is strong, he'll run around in circles.

He likes spending the day outside (tied up/in the pen/in his cage).

You'll get used to Rover.

Suki's smart.

Poopsie doesn't bite.

Honest, it was the dog who made that smell.

Let sleeping dogs lie or they'll bite your head off.

If he soils the rug one more time, he's going back to the pound.

Cats and dogs can never be friends.

They'll fight like cats and dogs.

She'll come home.



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